Games & Extras

The cherry on top of the treehouse sundae

Everyone agrees the major accessories are the cat's pyjamas. They're always the first things to come to mind when thinking about how to make your treehouse exceptional. But isn't it the small things in life that make it worthwhile? Here's a compilation of some neat little accessories you shouldn't overlook.

Dinner bell
Clang! Clang! goes the bell! Bells are a lot of fun and are a great way to grap people's attention. Put it next to the ship wheel to allow kids to really feel like they're driving a fire truck. Don't forget the fireman's pole!

Pirate ship wheel
Pirate Ship Wheel
Whether your kids are driving a bus, racing car, airplane or boat, pirate ship wheels add a ton of enjoyment to your treehouse and help kid's imaginations come to life. Just watch out for the house, we just painted it!

Jollyroger flag
Jolly Roger
Ahoy matey, we've come to take yer booty! Let everyone know just how tough you are with the classic jolly roger waving from your crow's nest. You'll be one cool captain with one of these waving in the wind up high. Goes great with a treasure map and treasure chest!

Treehouse chalkboard
Marker / Chalk board
Have you ever wanted to leave someone a message but just didn't have the pen and paper ready? Fear not, for with a chalk board, you can jot anything you need for yourself or friends. Messages to daddy or a pretend grocery list, we got you covered.

Treehouse telescope

Binoculars - telescope - periscope
Magnifying devises are a lot of fun, even if they are pretend. Whether you need a periscope to spy on the enemies without being seen, or telescope to see what snacks mom put down on the picnic table, your kids will sure have a blast with these extras! treehouse flowerbox

Flower box
Bring an even greater sense of beauty to your treehouse with a live display of colorful flowers and plants outside your front window. And you thought you couldn't get any closer to nature. Don't forget to get some premium potting mix and wildflower seeds to start! wind chimes

Wind chimes
Hear the music of the breeze with a Wind Chime

treehouse weathervane

No longer are you forced to pop your finger in your mouth and hold it up to the wind to get it's direction. Weathervanes add a lot of character and prestige to your treehouse. When weather is up to it's old tricks, you'll have the upper hand. Finally, no more lost sleep.


Bird feeders and houses
For the avid bird watch or regular Joe, bird feeders and houses add a bit of wildlife to your treehouse.

tictactoe fun!

Who can't resist a fun game of tic-tac-toe. Not only additively entertaining but also stimulating. Put one on your treehouse today!

Carnival mirror

Play mirror
Play mirrors can be a ton of fun. Grab one for yourself here and see what crazy faces you can come up with!

Crazy marblerun!

Wall marble run
Pink! Pink! Pink! Watch the marble bounce down and around a cool marble run. Tripping levers, wheels and other crazy gadgets, you and your kids will have an absolute blast watching it in action. This is one game adults can enjoy just as much as kids! Makes a great conversation piece too.

Treehouse loft

Loft - Bunk bed
Treehouse lofts are very popular among campers or outdoorsmen. They allow you to maximize your living space and give you a cool place to sleep way up high! A great way to get the most use out of your treehouse!

Treasure Chest fun!

Treasure Chest - Secret Compartment
What better place to store all your awesome stuff in your treehouse treasure chest or secret compartment! Imaginations will run wild they'll sail their treehouse to a remote island in search of the perfect place to bury the loot! Don't forget the ship wheel, jolly roger and treasure map!

Treehouse speakingtube Speaking tube
Speaking tubes are one of the neatest gadgets you can put in your treehouse. An upgrade to the tin can and string method, speaking tubes one amusing communication device. I know I was utterly fascinated with them in my playground years.

Hose Sink

Wouldn't it be great if your kids could wash their hands before eating in their treehouse? Now you can with this practical little device. Also useful for filling up water balloons and other devious but fun applications.

Treehouse books

Treehouse books
There is nothing more appropriate for a treehouse shelf or coffee table than a fine assortment of treehouse books . From ideas to exotic images, treehouse books make a great read, especially when it's done first hand.

Treasure map fun!

Treasure map
X makes the spot! No pirate should be found without a treasure map. See what new adventure your child can come up with next.

Play mailbox
Everyone loves getting letters, even if they are pretend. Play mailboxes are a neat way for parents and children to leave letters for each other. Thanks mom!

Toy phone action!

Play Phone
No need to call collect! Now your kids can yack all they want and your telephone bill won't ever go up! Maybe it's a mechanic from the engine room, a message from the FBI or the president of the United States. Play phones are a second helping for the imagination and help make you child's playtime come to life just that bit more.

Thompson's Waterseal
Thompson's Waterseal
If you're looking for a way to preserve the beauty of your treehouse and keep it from turning grey and degrading in the elements, apply one or two coats of Thompsons waterseal treatment . Designed to keep decks from weathering, Thompson is tough and will make your treehouse looking great for years to come.

Toy phone action! Log Cabin Dartboard Cabinet
If you ever wanted a way to improve your throwing aim while looking totally "bad" as in the Michael Jackson album, this is your ticket. Bartboards are great fun and really encourage a healthy breakout of competition.